Friday, July 11, 2014


Spoke to the doc today and he is mildly concerned about Happi's "wattle". The slight swelling on Happi's chest. He said that if it is still there on Monday I should call and have it aspirated. Maybe it is an infection. It is shrinking but slowly. 

We are going to wait on her pain since the painkillers seem to be dealing with it. I still worry that she is in pain and we don't know why.  I wish dogs had the collars like in the movie Up. The dog collars made the dogs sound like they were talking. If Happi had that she could tell me why and where she had pain. She would probably tell me some other things too.  "Why don't you take me for more walks?" " why don't you take me to the park more often?"  "Why don't you feed me more food?"  Just a plethora of things.

So we wait awhile longer to see how she feels.

Today I rode the stationary bike for 10 miles on level 3 in one hour! Yay!

Until tomorrow...

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