Thursday, July 3, 2014


Last night I noticed Happi had a flap of fur, kind of like a turkey's wattle (the red thing that hangs under its beak) hanging from her chest. It got bigger and smaller through the day. When I touched it it seemed to bother her. At 1am she woke up and became uncomfortable. Then at 2:15 am she wanted to go outside. I then could not fall back asleep because now I had horrible scenarios going through my head. 

First thing in the morning I called for her test results.  The doc was in surgery.  By the early afternoon she was breathing fast again and the wattle was still there. I decided to take Happi over to the hospital.  When we saw the doc he was happy we came over. At first he thought Happi had an edema where the wattle was.  Then after inspection he found she was bruised where she had blood taken yesterday. He thinks they hit a blood vessel and the blood pooled. It will dissipate. Her special three legged harness was probably rubbing the area.  He told me her blood/urine labs were all fine. Just to be sure he wasn't missing anything he did a chest x-ray to check for tumors but she was clear. 

Now the current theory is that her back is giving her pain and sometimes when you are uncomfortable you have to pee. So I am giving her pain killers before she goes to bed. It is a theory.  The next step will be to ultrasound her abdominal area if she continues having problems. He doesn't think he will find anything. 

So we try this and see what happens.  Maybe we can all get some sleep tonight. 

Until tomorrow...

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