Saturday, July 12, 2014


Today I wanted to go to the park. Then it turned out to be not such a sunny day.  So then I decided to take the little dog for a short walk to our neighborhood garden and take some pictures.  Then Brenda decided that she would take the little dog for a long strenuous walk and I should take Happi for a short walk.  Sounds great but Happi is a very excitable dog on walks. She thinks the whole block is her home and treats all dogs like they are trespassing.  She also got more upset than I thought she would that we were separating the dogs. 

Happi and I walked to the garden and she did not want to sit still for me to take photos.  She wanted to go! So our short walk to the garden became a long walk around our very long double block.  

I was a little worried that I pushed it too far but so far I feel fine. Tomorrow will be the proof in the pudding.  Oh, Happi seems fine after a pain killer and a nap. 

Until tomorrow...

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