Wednesday, July 16, 2014


The question is do you live where you have too much water or not enough?

I live where there is not enough. We have laws about what you can't do with water. Can't water your lawn. Can't wash your car. Can't rinse off your driveway. We are supposed to take short showers and there are constant commercials telling us to turn off the water when we brush our teeth. 

Then I watch the news and the rest of the country it seems is under water.  If only there was a way to catch and ship that water to the West Coast. Instead of an oil pipeline they should be building a water pipeline. Have giant aqua furs with pupelines that run out West.  Wouldn't that be cool!?  

My PT went well today. I was told I would be on my bike in a month or two. Yay!

I rode the stationary bike today but I was unmotivated. I rode for 1 hour and went 9.7 miles on level 3.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Riding your stationary bike for almost 10 miles and for an hour sounds pretty motivated to me, Adrienne! Wow! You're doing really well with that--and are you seeing or feeling results? Curious.

    We're under the same water restrictions you are (also in CA, but the northern end). I was actually thinking the same thing. It would be really great if there was a way to get all that flood water out here where it's really, really needed. I was surprised to hear on the news the other day that we Californians have only conserved 5 percent of the 20 percent water usage Gov. Brown asked for. I'VE done everything I can--I remember quite clearly the '77 drought here--and it's hard for me to believe that so many Californians are being so nonresponsive. One guy on the news said "I think they're asking for too much right now. Maybe after another year of drought..." Jeez. Where does he think his food and drinking water will come from a year from now?

    Maybe he has a private pipeline from the Midwest and East Coast states. Heheh.

    1. Hi wren I feel like my legs are getting stronger. Today I biked a program with "hills" and that will really build up muscles. I also feel it is helping to keep my weight down.

      I saw that guy on the news too. Some people are just not getting it. There is a finite amount of water. Once it is gone it is gone.


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