Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I have the nicest contractor.  I found a leak in the sealant around the base of my glass wall of my shower.  It is the one wall that they didn't remove when the did the renovation of the shower.  I am not sure why I didn't have them remove that wall along with the others but no point in going back.  What is done is done.

This weekend I cleaned the shower and when i rinsed the wall I noticed the sealant was leaking.  Dripping right down the wall.  I texted my contractor and asked him if he could come over.  Sure he said!  I did what all folks do at that point, I stuffed a washcloth in the leaking spot and continued on with my day.

My contractor came today and fixed the sealant and told me the sealant only lasts about 3-5 years if you are lucky.  Another bit of good news. 

There needs to be a homeowners book that tells you these things.  A check of list.  A list that says Year 1 these things can wear out and go wrong.  Year 2 these things.  Etc.  That would be really helpful.  You know check your roof after 5 years, it will probably need to be replaced at 7-10 years depending on the weather, type of roof, etc.  With a place to mark down the year you replaced it, checked it, etc.  What year you bought your washer, when you replaced the hoses.  Who can remember these things?  Who knows all these things?  I just found out that I was supposed to have my on-demand water heater cleaned out periodically.  Well, no one told me!  First time homeowners don't know these things.  Especially when they have no family around to help them with this stuff.  I think I just gave away my million dollar idea!

Back to my shower, my wonderful contractor fixed the shower and would not even take payment.  I tried to pay him!  He wanted me to give him a good review.  I wrote him a good review this evening.

Rode the stationary bike for 1 hour and 10 miles.  Level 3.

Until tomorrow...

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