Sunday, July 27, 2014


Today I spent the afternoon working on the pond. First I cut back the plant life. The plants have been growing like crazy.  Then I cleaned out the pond filter. I took about a pint of goop out of the pond filter. To tell the truth the goop is the best fertilizer ever.  The goop from the bottom of a pond is like gold.  I put it under all my plants. My lemon tree LOVES it.  Then I put my new filters and charcoalilter.  It has been ages since I changed my filter.  The fish will be so happy.  Then a quick check of the pump to make sure that is clear and we are good to fill it up.  The water level was so low due to water restrictions, I haven't filled it up in awhile.   Ten minutes later the pond looks great. I feed the fish and sit down to enjoy my work.  

My neighbor stopped by to tell me how much he is enjoying the cleared out backyard. He is also willing to have a tree guy come and discuss the tree branch that leans over into my yard. I know I can legally cut it down but I wanted to discuss it with him first. Since it is a whole 1/3 of his tree, I wanted him to feel comfortable. We have to live together for a long time. 

Until tomorrow...

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