Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I had to take Happi to the vet today.  She has had some concerning things happen. Nothing that was an emergency. But after her last liver issue, I am not taking any chances and waiting when something seems concerning.

Last Friday her breathing seemed weird. Kind of fast and awkward. Not enough to take her to the ER since I could calm her.  Then Sunday she vomited. Monday morning at 2:45 she woke me to go outside to pee. Very odd since she is frightened to go outside late at night due to raccoons. Tuesday she didn't want to take her medicine. Normally she gulps it right down. Wednesday she woke me up at 2:45 am again to pee.  I called the doc.

The doc ran a blood and urine panel to check her out. I assume he is also checking her liver from the price of the test.  I will find out the results in the morning.

I rode the stationary bike 10 miles on level 2 today.

Until tomorrow...

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