Friday, July 18, 2014


Years ago we visited my brother and his family and I learned about the greatest appliance in the world: Roomba. Roomba is a vacuum made by iRobot that runs around your house on a schedule you set up. For folks like us with two dogs it is the greatest thing ever. Without it we are sweeping and swiffering and vacuuming all the time. 

A few months ago Roomba stopped working. We couldn't figure out why.  I thought the battery died so I ordered a new battery from iRobot.  I installed it and charged it.  Roomba had new life for about 10 feet. Then it died again.  Ugh!  I called iRobot and got a very helpful customer service rep who helped troubleshoot the problem. At the end of the call she mailed me a new battery because she thought the problem was the battery. She also sent me this gizmo that updates the software in the Roomba.  After updating I sent the gizmo back in a pre-paid envelope. 

Well, poor Roomba once again ran for 6 feet and stopped. I pressed start and Roomba ran again for another 10 feet than stopped. What was weird this time was that normally when Roomba stops for any reason the robot "talks" to you. It sings a tune or it talks in a robot voice. This time it didn't. It just stopped.  Died.

I called iRobot customer service again. The gentleman I spoke to was very helpful.  He diagnosed the problem. It was probably the original problem. The bottom cover of the Roomba has become loose. This makes the battery loose and each time the robot bangs up against a wall or chair the battery gets knocked loose causing the Roomba to turn off.  Or at least this is the latest theory. IRobot is sending me a new bottom plate for my years-old Roomba.  I will let you know if this works.

I have now decided that iRobot is the company with the best customer service.  I have never had a company send me a free new part for an appliance that is probably five or six years old. I understand replacing the battery since I had just purchased one and they thought it had gone bad. But a new bottom plate?  That is awesome customer service.  I feel they will do anything to get my Roomba working again.

No exercise today. I ran errands (Lucky's nail trim, picked up Happi's meds, food shopping) and now my foot is in pain. 

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