Saturday, November 26, 2011

I still remember… (#NHBPM Day 26)

I still remember when I could eat food without taking medication 30 minutes beforehand.  I know it has not been that long ago but it seems like forever.  I can remember when I could just eat food whenever I wanted.  No medicine.  No preparation.  No planning to take medicine 1/2 hour before eating.  I could just eat food, go to restaurants and order food, and eat lunch without waiting 30 minutes while I am starving.  I wish I could go back...

Today was an interesting day.  I still feel pretty crappy.  My feet and hands still hurt but I didn't let this deter me because today was the first sunny weekend day in weeks.  I was determined to finish the backyard.  I went out and cut down the rest of the vines and the backyard looks great!  Unfortunately while we were outside, the little dog tore apart the pillow on her bed.  I was shocked because normally she loves to be outside with me but today she wanted to be inside.  I was also shocked because she was given that pillow back months ago and has shown no interest in chewing on it.  Today she chewed the pillow open and pulled out the billowy insides.  She also ate some of it.  She came outside and vomited but I didn't see what she vomited and didn't know she had tore open the pillow at that time.  After I found the pillow, she vomited again and this time we saw the "stuffing".  I rushed her to the emergency room.  They did x-rays and she has some of the stuffing in her stomach and intestines.  This is concerning but they want to take a conservative approach and try giving her Metamucil and baby food for a few days and see if she passes it.  If not we will have to think about surgery.  So that is what I did with the second half of my day.  Second time in one week...

This dog is a gold mine!

What do you remember?

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  1. Well, my kitty Mango decided that she wants to eat our artificial Christmas tree which makes her sick and throw up. Oh the joys of pet ownership! I am watching her like a hawk and hope she stops this. Now we have Moomee her sister participating in this practice. I swear, they think this tree is their giant size toothbrush!


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