Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 Things That Changed My Life (#NHBPM Day 5)

This is really hard. To think of five things that significantly changed my life.  Okay, I am going to make this list without thinking too much.  Five things, right now.  Go!
  1. Becoming a vegetarian.  It was the best decision for my health.  I know there are a few people in my family that will argue with me about this and would force feed me chicken given the opportunity.  I know if I went into a coma there would be chicken soup slipped into my feeding tube if my partner didn't stop it!   I have been a vegetarian for almost thirty years and I know I am healthier than most folks.
  2. Moving to the West Coast.  I knew that moving away from where I grew up and striking it out on my own was what I needed to do.  I needed a fresh start and a place where I could become a new person.
  3. Deciding to go back to school and getting my Master's degree.  I never thought I was very smart and didn't do very well in school.  One of my siblings was a straight A student and I was decidedly NOT.  It was difficult to follow him through school.  It was affirming to get an advanced degree. 
  4. Being diagnosed with RA and Crohn's and all the other autoimmune diseases I have.  Now, at this point you would think I would say this was a bad thing but then you would be wrong.  I think the diagnosis was the best thing that happened to me.  Prior to my diagnosis I was a workaholic who was very stressed out all the time and never took a minute to contemplate anything.  I had lost myself.  After my diagnosis I started my own business, quit my crazy job with my crazy boss (a story for another time!), started taking care of myself through better food and emotional health.  I also moved out of a toxic apartment and moved into a house.  Sure RA has it's down side but it just makes me see the good side.  I can't imagine having RA and Crohn's in that tiny little apartment with all the noisy neighbors...
  5. Starting my own business has been a life saver.  I don't have to be at work at a certain time every day.  If I don't feel well, I can sleep in.  I can work in the middle of the night if I have to.  I can work around my doctor's appointments and don't have explain to a boss that I have, yet again, another doctor's appointment to go to.  Or explain that even though I don't look sick, yes I am sick.
There you go.  The five things that changed my life.  Of course meeting my partner changed my life and adopting my pups changed my life too but you all have heard about that.  So what 5 things changed your life?  Is it getting married?  Having children?  Climbing Mount Everest?  Meeting Johnny Depp?  Going to Disney World?  Come on and tell me!

By the by, I started a scrapbooking project today.  I really love to scrapbook but I rarely have time to do it.  I was going to work in the backyard but it started raining so I thought I would work on my project instead.  I make scrapbooks of vacations, family reunions, and one of my dog.  This one is of the recent family reunion.  If you have not scrapbooked, it is a huge project.  First you have to pick out the scrapbook, then the do-dads that you are going to use in the scrapbook, and then print the photos you are going to use.  Once all of the prep is done, it is time to lay it all out with the background paper.  Then it is time to layout the photos, do-dads and background paper and when it looks good, adhere everything.  I have finished a few pages so far.  It looks good.  If the rain continues tomorrow I may finish it.  I love to see them when they are complete.

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:  


  1. When I started writing about my five things, like you I wondered what in the world I would write--and then just jumped in. I find it amazing and beautiful that we DO have things we can point to as lifechangers, even when those things might seem negative and frightening to someone else. I'm glad that you wrote this post. I learned some new things about you--and I admire your courage. Leaving the familiar for new places, coping with seriously debilitating and painful diseases like Crohn's and RA, and even being a vegetarian take a lot of determination and inner strength. Bravo, Adrienne!

  2. Some really good changes. Becoming a vegetarian is a good thing and I am starting to wonder why I didn’t do after my diagnosis of RA and fibro especially now that all my medications and other circumstances have resulted in high blood pressure but of course, it is not too late. I have made a commitment to try and bring it down with medication. We will see where that goes. A move, while difficult, is always a good thing. Trust me, I know. There was a time in my life where I really needed to start over and I did. I moved over 400 miles away and it was the best decision I ever made. All of the other five things are wonderful too. We never know what we are capable of until life forces us to find out.

  3. Thanks Lana and Wren! It was interesting, it was hard to start writing 5 things but once I got started, I realized it was hard to stop at 5 things. I am finding this 30 posts in 30 days a challenging exercise in a good way!


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