Monday, January 11, 2016


Day 133.  I am sicker.  I woke up this morning coughing horribly.  My nose is running worse than ever.  I am sneezing.  I had to wait until noon to call the doctor's office and then wait until 9 pm for him to call me back.  Meanwhile I continued on with my day.

I took care of some tasks like renewing my passport, paying my taxes and paying some bills.  Then we went to AAA to talk about tickets for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.  So excited to see Harry Potter!

I came home and fell asleep.  I was watching TV and the next thing I knew someone was knocking on my door.  I just dozed off.  I guess I was tired.

Then my stepmother and I went to a spa and got a body wrap.  I have never had a wrap before, I usually go for the hot rocks.  The wrap was interesting.  It reminded me of cooking something wrapped in parchment paper.  You lay down on the table and the masseuse puts some good smelling stuff on you.  Then you get wrapped in this paper like a mummy.  I was left like that for a while.  I almost fell asleep when I got a head and neck massage.  Then I was unwrapped, rubbed down and turned over.  Then I was massaged on my back and wrapped with a towel and it was over.  It was funny whenever my back was rubbed or pushed on I coughed!  I tried so hard not to cough. It was hard to stay relaxed and not cough.

 My doctor called and we talked about what was going on.  It seems like one thing is causing the other and I am just in a downward spiral.  The cold caused me to get a dry cough which is asthma.  To get rid of the asthma I took the Asmanex.  The Asmanex caused me to get thrush.  To get rid of the thrush I went off the Asmanex and started taking Fluconazole.  Going off the Asmanex caused my asthma to get worse and started coughing again.  I can't go back on the Asmanex because of the thrush.  So I am between a rock and a hard place.  Meanwhile he thinks the runny nose and sneezing may be allergies from being in a new place.  I haven't been around green grass in years!  So the only thing he can think of is to give me Benzonatate to suppress the cough so I can get some relief.  I can't wait.  I have been coughing for days.

Until tomorrow...

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