Saturday, January 23, 2016


Day 145.  Today I met a friend for lunch.  I have been craving a burger and fries for a week.  I never ate one during my vacation which is shocking.  Usually I have at least one burger during vacation since it is an easy thing to eat.

I devoured my fries and ate about 1/2 the burger.  I still have a craving.  I may have to have another burger.  There is a really good burger/sandwich place nearby and I may have to go there soon.  They also have the best steak fries.

After we ate lunch we went to a cafe to have a chai/ tea and look at the pictures of my trip.  It was nice to hang out for an afternoon with a friend.

I then watched two movies: Gone Girl and Jenny's Wedding.

Gone Girl was really good.  It is a bit old and I am sure you all know all about it since it was up for all sorts of awards and may have won some.  It had a surprise twist that I didn't expect.  It kept me quite entertained.

Jenny's Wedding is about a 30-something girl who is not married and is constantly nagged by her family about her non-married situation.  But she has a secret that tears the family apart. I thought is was very good.

Until tomorrow...

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