Thursday, January 14, 2016


Day 136.  Today is Universal Studios day.  We stayed at a hotel at Universal so we got an early entry to the park to see the Harry Potter part of the park.  I was not interested in going on the first ride.  It was one of those rides that says: no one with a heart condition, anxiety problems, epilepsy, can't be in small places, don't like roller coasters, etc.  Pass.  Then my parents went on it and it broke down and they were in the ride line for 25 minutes.  I would have had an anxiety attack.  Better I stay out in the fresh air!

I bought a stuffed Hedwig and a Hermine's wand.  What a Potter geek!  I had a good time.  The park has so many different areas.  I got a T-shirt of a Minion that says Banana!  I loved the Dr. Seuss part.  It was so colorful.

Then I drove to see my godmother.  It was great to see her.  I took her to a Thai restaurant for her first time.

Until tomorrow...

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