Friday, January 8, 2016


Day 130.  I feel even worse.  The thrush got worse.  I have an awful headache, my head/sinuses are killing me and my throat hurts worse.  I called the doctor and he said he needed to call in another medicine.  Now I am taking an oral medicine. 

Here's what happened: I am taking an asthma inhaler because I have an asthmatic cough.  The inhaler medicine caused me to get thrush.  It is a rare symptom but as we know, if there is a rare symptom, I will get it.  The doctor says over and over, I am the one patient that gets the one in a million thing.  So now I have oral thrush.  He know thinks the thrush has gone into my esophagus and into my sinuses.  Yippee!  He thinks I will be fine in a week. 

I can't really think about my happiness until I stop thinking about the pain in my throat.  

Until tomorrow...

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