Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Day 149. I am really happy.  Someone found my mailbox key and turned it in to the Post Office.  Today when I went to get my mail, the post woman said I have your key!  I said well, I lost my key!  I am so happy that an honest person turned it in. 

I was also happy because my new cookbook was in my box.  It is a Vegan Indian cookbook. I have come to love Indian food and I want to learn to cook it.  Now that I have the cookbook I have to buy the spices.  I do not have most of the spices used in Indian cooking.  I can't eat spicy food and, as I always say, spicy is such an individual thing.  What you think is not spicy might be spicy to me.  What I think is spicy may seem mild to you.  If I cook my own food I can make it as spicy or mild as I want. 

A previous client contacted me and hired me for a project.  Now I am really busy!  Yay! 

The chocolate vegan cake my friend gave me is decadent.  I had a piece last night and will have a piece tonight.  Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.  Yum! 

Until tomorrow...

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