Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Day 148.  I am feeling much better than last week.  The thrush is gone.  The sore throat is gone.  The cough is partially gone.  The horribly runny, sinus infection is gone.  I don't have a yeast infection from taking the anti-biotics.  So overall life is good.

I still have some sinus issues that are not clearing up.  The asthmatic cough and tightness in my chest is not going away.   I am sure they will clear up.

Meanwhile Happi's pink eye is all cleared up.  I guess she finally stopped scratching her eyes. 

Tonight a friend gave me 1/2 a vegan chocolate cake.  Yum!  I am sitting here dreaming of eating a piece with vanilla soy ice cream and coconut whipped cream.  Delicious.

To end my month of Friendship I made plans with three friends this weekend.  Ice cream with one, coffee with another and just getting together with another.  I really want to see Kung Fu Panda 3.  I am such a kid.

Until tomorrow...

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