Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Day 135. Today is Walt Disney Day!  We started out at Epcot.  Last time I was at Disney I got sick on the last day and we had to leave Epcot.  I over did it and when we got to Epcot I ended up in a wheelchair.

This time we went directly to Epcot so I could see it finally!  We did the rides and the beginning part and after lunch we went to see the world.  We went on the one ride where we were on a rocket ship.  It was crazy!  Not my kind of ride.  I don't like grown up rides.  They make me sick.  No roller coasters, no water rides, no spinning rides, and I am not fond of these new 3D simulation rides.

After now seeing Epcot, I am good.  I will probably not go back.  I like the really Disney instead.  I like the characters, the fun rides, the music.  I am a kid at Disney.

I liked the laser and fireworks show.

Until tomorrow.

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