Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Brenda has come through the surgery with flying colors! Thank you for all your kind thoughts, cards, flowers, and comments.

Here's what happened:
The surgery took much longer than expected. The fibroids were huge! The doctor said she was actually sweating when she was getting them out. She said she really had to work to remove them. They were between 5-7 pounds. Just like having a baby! She said a uterus is normally the size of a small tangerine but hers was the size of a small watermelon and it was ugly! I am sure Brenda will be more comfortable now.

Tomorrow Brenda will be discharged. Yesterday the-insurance-company-who-shall-not-be-named sent a letter stating that Brenda was authorized to stay in the hospital for one day, the day of her surgery. The breath was sucked out of me. I had just left her in horrible pain in a hospital bed. She was in no condition to leave the hospital!

First thing this morning I called the-insurance-company-who-shall-not-be-named and found out who needed to be contacted by her doctor. We can not afford a two day $30,000 hospital bill. The doctor assured us this was all okay and taken care of. Phew!

Tonight she has chills and fever so I am a bit concerned. They have given her some pain meds with Tylenol so she should be okay. Believe it or not, besides the fever, passing gas is the only thing keeping her in the hospital! We are wishing for just one fart...

Until tomorrow...


  1. How frightening that surgery was for both of you! I'm glad Brenda came through it well, though you're right to be worried about her post-surgical fever. My fingers are crossed that she'll get past it quickly and yes, that she'll pass plenty of gas between now and tomorrow, so she can come home safely. May your noseplugs hold out! ;o)

    Sending calm, comfort and patience your way, Adrienne.

  2. So glad for you that Brenda's surgery went ok and hope the fever and chills abate. Hugs to you both. Best wishes for Brenda's recovery.
    Lorna x


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