Thursday, October 25, 2012


About a week ago my scalp began itching. At first just a little bit. Then a bit more. Then two nights ago my scalp began burning. Last night my scalp burned so much that I was unable to sleep. I also did what every doctor tells you not to do, I went on the Internet and read all about itchy scalps. I was wide awake thinking I had lice or mites or something else. I could feel those bugs crawling I knew it. The burning was unbearable.

First thing this morning I called my dermatologist and made an appointment. Then a went to the pharmacy and bought a lice comb. The comb showed no lice. That calmed me down some. My scalp felt a bit better all day. Still itchy but less. It didn't burn too much.

Late in the afternoon I went to the doctor and she checked: no lice. She only saw a very pink scalp. No scabs or sores or anything. She said with nothing to look at she didn't know what was wrong. Could be vitamin D deficiency. Take more vitamin D. Or it could just be more crazy RA stuff.  Who knows? Let her knows if it doesn't get better.

She gave me some drops to put on my head. If I run out, she gave me  a prescription. Let's see if this works. I need a non-burning head sleepy night tonight.

Have any of you had this strange symptom?

The Giants won again. Go Giants!

Until tomorrow...


  1. Oh, OW, Adrienne! Maybe you've developed a bad reaction to one or more of the hair products you use. Have you tried changing or not using your usual shampoo, conditioner or hairspray, etc.? Have you recently tried some new hair product? Maybe it's the culprit. I just googled the subject and the results suggested that medicines and/or auto-immune diseases can cause a burning sensation on the scalp. So can psoriasis...

    A call to your rheumatologist might be in order. In the meantime, I hope the drops your dermatologist gave you will do the trick.

    Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks Wren, No new hair products. Haven't dyed my hair in a month. It is not psoriasis. she thinks it is just some crazy RA thing. I seem to get them. One day I am fine, the next who knows! The roller coaster of life with RA. I see my RA in a few weeks I will fill her in.

  2. I am voting on a reaction to something and my first instinct would be a medicine of some sort. You might want to give you pharmacist a call, go over your med list and ask him/her if they have ever heard of this reaction to any of the meds. Hope you track down the cause. Don't you just hate this ra thing? We never know what is going to show up on us!

  3. I was researching burning scalp with ra and came across this blog post! I have RA, Stills, fibro,and a host of non-autoimmune diseases. I am on MTX injection and Remicade infusion. My scalp is painful/tender to movement and touch, the skin is hot, sometimes itches. The only thing that provides some relief is putting cold on it. I have no idea what causes this. I don't have it all of the time. It seems to be worse a day or two after MTX. - I am Vit D deficient, btw. Interesting possibility!


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