Monday, October 15, 2012


Everyone in the waiting room is crowded around a computer monitor. Not sure what that is for but I am assuming it is like at the airport an arrivals and departures screen telling folks about surgery times. Brenda has just gone in so I have some time to wait. She has been so excited to get this surgery done but this weekend she got very anxious and this morning she got VERY anxious. Poor thing. I wanted them to give her Ativan but they couldn't.

Our plan is that I wait a short time and then I go home and let the dogs out for a quick walk around the block and get back before she wakes up. Poor babies are locked up all day.

Waiting rooms are weird places. A bunch of folks are chatting and the lady in charge is VERY elderly and hard of hearing. She is cute and probably a volunteer. Not so good at answering questions though.

All the rest of the folks are staring at their electronic devices. Hey, we could be at my brothers movie night! Some folks talking others staring at devices. Ha ha.

Well, I have run home and let the pups out. Keep Brenda in your thoughts.

Until later...

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  1. I hope all is well for both of you, Adrienne. Is she still in hospital or was this outpatient surgery? Best wishes...


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