Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Post Op Day Seven - Pain is a Pain!

Today I made a decision to stop taking the painkillers.  Why you ask?   Are you crazy?

First, I wanted to see if the painkillers were doing anything.  Since I haven't been getting "loopy" or tired, I am just not sure the pills are doing anything for me.

Second, if the pills are doing something how will I know if the pain stops if I am taking mind numbing pills.  I decided that I would stop the pills to see how bad the pain is.  Can I tolerate it?

Well, I lasted through the day.  The pain is bearable but I may take a pill later tonight.  The cast is rubbing against the incision.  At least I think that is what is happening but since I can't see it, I have to visualize what I think is going on.  Pain means it is healing, right?  Isn't that what THEY say?

So enough about pain!  Pain is a pain!  I am upright and walking with the aid of crutches.  Two days until I see the doctor.  I am able to work.  Life is good!  I look over at my three-legged dog and she puts it all in perspective!  She is missing a leg and she never complains!  Sometimes she falls over on her face but she just gets right back up and continues to play as if it never happened.  Never a cry or a moan.  Here I am talking about a little pain!  Snap out of it!

Until tomorrow...

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