Thursday, April 7, 2016


Day 220.  I woke up feeling better from my bout of food poisoning.  I have to give three presentations for my client today and then I have a baby shower to attend.  The presentations went well.

The baby shower was for the friend who I went to dinner with on Monday where I got the food poisoning.  I didn't tell her I got food poisoning because I didn't want her to feel bad.  I probably got the food poisoning because the food was bad but also because my immune system is so bad right now with the meningitis and the flu.  My immune system is a mess.  At the shower she sort of pushed and I ended up telling her on the side.  I didn't want to make a big deal about it.  I was not eating the food at the shower because I was not eating solid food yet.

The shower was interesting.  There were no decorations.  It didn't seem like a baby shower at all.  It seemed like people hanging out.  The invitation didn't say she was having a girl or that she had a registry.  It was just strange.  There was a pink cake but it could have been a birthday cake or a anniversary cake.  There was nothing that said having a baby other than pink frosting.  No balloons or flowers.  No games or trivia.  Or weird candies that you have to try to figure out what type they are.  No guessing size or weight.  We talked about TV shows and movies we liked.  And books.

Their doorbell didn't work but they didn't put up a sign so two attendees actually went home because no one answered the door.  I almost gave up because no one answered the door when I rang the bell but I knocked really loud.  Then someone said I should have just walked right in.  How weird!  I would never walk into someone's home I don't know.  That is how you get shot these days!!

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