Monday, April 11, 2016


Day 224.  This week may not be too exciting to write about!  I am going to be working like a, I don't know what works a lot of hours and really hard, like a beaver?  a bee?  a woodchuck?  That is what I am working like.

I am concerned about Happi and I am trying not to think anything bad is wrong.  Two weeks ago Happi was throwing up a few days in a row.  I didn't think that much of it because she is eating a lot of grass.  But I am concerned that her stomach is so upset. I keep hearing it rumble and gurgle at night.

Now she is having urine accidents in the house.  I can count the number of times Happi has peed in the house on one hand in 10 years.  Now she has peed four times in the house in just over a week.  This is not like her.  Poor baby.  I called to get an appointment for Friday morning to get her checked out.  A few years ago she had a high protein in her urine and she was having to pee a lot.  It cleared up after a few months.  Maybe this is happening again.

Until tomorrow...

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