Thursday, April 28, 2016


Day 241.  I had some extra time today coming back from a client's office.  I stopped by Trader Joe's and bought my favorite grain mix to make for dinner.  Then I stopped in at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Who doesn't love Bed, Bath and Beyond?  I had seen some of their outdoor stuff.  I wanted to check some of it out.  I love my outdoor stuff.  The colors are yellow, mint green, teal, dark blue and white.  I have striped seats on my bench, a green pillow on the same bench, a yellow umbrella on my picnic table, and mint green Adirondack chairs and table in the backyard.  I wanted to get something to put on the deck to put my feet and a glass on.  Right now my glass has to be put on the ground and the dogs drink out of it.  I found this:

I think it matches really well and looks great.  It will make it nice to sit outside and read a book or eat lunch.  I get so much joy on my deck.

The fish look great.  I think I saved them once again.  Poor fish...

Until tomorrow...

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