Friday, April 29, 2016


Day 242.  I went to the doctor's office today.  It is my check up after having meningitis and the flu.  I told him that my back and neck were still hurting a lot.  He told me that many folks (especially a person like me who has an autoimmune disease and health issues) will feel pain for a long time.  He said it may take over one year for the pain in my back where the epidural and spinal tap were done to go away.  That also includes the pain in my neck.  I also told him about the problems with my eye and how it gets blurry at the end of the day.  He says that is probably from the meningitis too.  The only part that has gone away is the headaches.  Thank goodness.

Lucky is doing better.  Poor baby had a bad day yesterday and last night.  We all deserve a good night's sleep tonight.

Until tomorrow...

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