Friday, April 15, 2016


Day 228.  Today I took Happi to the vet. She has been having urinary accidents in the house.  They ran all sorts of tests on her urine, blood, poop, etc.  I get the results tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

While I was at the vets office another 3-legged dog had a poop accident and fell on the ground.  His person was trying to pick him up off the ground and hold onto his other dog at the same time.  There were about 5 people in the waiting room.  4 of them quickly got up and went outside.  None of them offered to assist the man who was struggling.  I jumped up and asked the man if I could help by holding his dog's leashes so he could help the dog that fell in the poop.  He seemed grateful.  I was disappointed in the 4 people who left and didn't ask the man if he needed assistance.  I guess they could not stand the smell of dog poop!

I made a decision and sent in my forms to foster/adopt a child.  I am real excited.  I thought about it since Tuesday night and I realized that even though the information changed a bit, I was still interested and excited.  I am moving forward with the process.

Until tomorrow...

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