Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Day 239. Poor Lucky.  She is really unlucky right now.  She had her dental appointment today.  We had to get up early in the morning and hurry over to the vets office.  She was not too happy about getting up early and not being fed.  She was happy to be at the vet's office because we went for a little walk beforehand. 

I left her there all day.  The vet called me mid-morning to tell me I made a good call.  Over a month ago I took Lucky in to the vet's office because I felt she was not feeling well and I thought it might be her teeth.  The doctor looked at her teeth and said he didn't think her teeth were too bad but once he put her under anesthesia, he might see something different.  Well, he did.  He said I was right to bring her in when I did and I was really in tune with my dog.  She was probably in a lot of pain because she had infected roots in her teeth.  He was going to have to remove 3-4 teeth.  He ended up taking out 3 teeth and an incisor.  My poor little Fang has one less fang!  He said it was sad he had to remove so many teeth but she would be so much happier once those infected teeth were out of her mouth.  Unfortunately she has genetically bad teeth and gums.  Nothing I can do about it. 

I got her home and they said I had to get the bandage off her leg at 7 pm.  I tried.  I swear I tried.  She was not having it.  I finally called my neighbor to come help me. I held her head so she would not snip at him while he cut it off her arm.  She scratched the heck out of my arm.  She was so scared and it hurt when he was removing the bandage.  My neighbor was so brave because she was putting up a fuss.

I gave her some cottage cheese and a pill pocket with some pain medicine.  She is sleeping now.  I also talked the doctor into giving her an injection of antibiotics that lasts 10 days.  That way I don't have to give her any other medicine.  Whew!

I have also started to decrease the prednisone that I am taking.  This has been a multi-year job.  I was originally at 20 mg.  I was down to 9 mg.  Now I am down to 8.5 mg. beginning Sunday.  I am excited to start to decrease my dosage.  I also began taking Plaquinel again.  Since I can't take Enbrel anymore, I am happy to change my medicine.  I will see how this goes. 

Until tomorrow...

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