Saturday, April 16, 2016


Day 229.  Today was a day of good news.  I guess the fortune cookie I got on Thursday was right!  Good things would happen.

Yesterday I sent my application in to foster/adopt a child.  I am still excited about this!

I got good news about Happi's lab work.  All her labs came back fine.  Her urine was diluted but it has been like this for years.  I am going to talk to her regular doctor on Tuesday because he was not in today.  But so far all clear.

During my morphine induced haze a month ago I filed an appeal with the city about an assessment on my home.  I can't even remember what I wrote  I was so drugged up with pain killers.  Today I got a response from the city.  My appeal was approved.  I have been given a hearing.  I am not sure what that means but I think they are going to hear my case.  That is really exciting!

I also contacted that potential client.  I was unsure about taking the job.  I spoke to her and found out that my reservations were unfounded.  I now feel secure in taking the job.

I ended up talking on the phone to a bunch of friends today and got very little else done.  It was good to catch up with friends! 

All this good news!  I told you the fortune cookie was right!

Until tomorrow...

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