Thursday, January 30, 2014


I went to see my ankle surgeon today.  I have been having these weird pains in my leg. 

To recap (please skip if you are a frequent reader): Almost three years ago I was on vacation and stepped out of in an unfamiliar bed and landed wrong on my ankle.  Of course I continued on with my vacation.  When I came home I went to see the most renowned ankle guy in the area and he told me there was nothing wrong with me after an x-ray.  Ha.  I wear a boot for a while and then hobble around for almost a year.  I go to see a podiatrist for a foot problem and she sends me for an MRI of my ankle.  Turns out I have an almost completely torn ligament in my ankle and need 2-3 clips,  months of rehab, blah, blah.

Skip ahead a year.  Go on a cruise.  Last night of the cruise we have rough seas and I trip over a cleaning bucket.  I fall on my knee and get MRSA.  Go to hospital when we get off ship, get crutches, and meds.  Don't realize until much later that I really injured my other leg (where I had my ankle surgery) where I hit the cleaning bucket.  Compressed the vein, injections, blah, blah.

Today when I go to the docs I think the pain in my leg has to do with the surgery or the fall on the cruise.  The doctor gets the little hammer thing and bangs my knees.  No response.  My knees don't pop out like they are supposed to.  Then she lays me down and brings my legs up and it is horribly painful.  She tells me that there is something wrong with my back.  I didn't expect that.  The pain in my legs is nerve pain from a pinched nerve in my back.  She sends me for a quick x-ray of my back.
Side Note: When I was 20 I had a horrible fall in the cafeteria at my college.  I worked there to make money while in school.  Some idiot took a steamboat roast beef off a tray and carried it across a walkway and then wiped the grease down with cold water.  I came along and slipped just like Charlie Brown.  I landed right on my back on a concrete floor.  I ended up leaving school that semester to lay in bed for two months in a drugged up haze.  I had a broken coccyx and slipped my L4-L5 disc. 

Back to present time, the x-ray showed that I have major issues with my lower discs.  There is major deterioration in my lower discs (L5-S1).
Basically there is so much deterioration I have a pinched nerve which is causing the pain in my leg.  The next step is to get an MRI of my back.  I may ask to see if it can be of my neck too.  Two birds, one stone.

Sounds like I am deteriorating from the inside out.  The skin will still look good but the bones will deteriorate to dust!  Ha.

Until tomorrow...

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