Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I have an appointment tomorrow with my podiatrist. I have been having sharp pains in my leg around my incision and where I hit my leg on the cruise.  I made the appointment a week ago. I asked the person if my insurance would cover the appointment. I was told it would.

Today I looked up my doctor on the insurance website and the doctor didn't appear. She was not listed as a provider. I then called The-Insurance-Company-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and was on hold for 1.25 hours.  All I wanted to know was If my doc was on the list. I finally get through and the guy says I got through to the wrong department. "I can transfer you."  Good luck! I gave up. I called my doc to cancel the appointment and my doc answered the phone. She told me to come in. She is sure she is on the list.  If she isn't she will figure it out.  Okay, I go in tomorrow morning.  

Until tomorrow...

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