Monday, January 20, 2014


Today we interviewed dog sitters.  We met a very nice lady who used to work at our vets.  She was amazing with the dogs.  Usually when people come to visit there is chaos when they arrive and then the dogs jump and vie for the visitors' attention.  Not with her.  She sat on the floor and gave each dog some attention and the dogs calmed right down.  Happi went right over and laid on her pillow.  Lucky went in the back room.  I was really impressed.  Usually the dogs start competing for attention and eventually get into an argument.  Not today.  She sold me just on that alone.  Anyone who can get my dogs to calm down in less than 5 minutes is GOOD! 

Then I made Ribollita Soup.  It is Really Good.  I made a different recipe before but this recipe is good too. 

I also made a concoction to spray where the skunk is living.  It is garlic, onions and cayenne pepper boiled with water.  Then strained through cheese cloth and cooled.  Put in spray bottle.  I then sprayed all around where we think the skunk is.  Supposedly the skunk will sniff around and get the cayenne pepper in its nose.  The smell will deter it from coming on our property.  We shall see.  It made me cough!

Until tomorrow...

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