Friday, January 10, 2014


Today was a day all about the dogs. First I took both Happi and Lucky to the vet to get weighed. I have been concerned since we changed their food that they have been losing weight. Sure enough Happi has lost almost three pounds and Lucky has lost three pounds. We need to give both dogs more food at feeding time. Lucky only weighed 12 pounds so losing 3 pounds is a significant weight loss. When we changed her food, I took her off the high activity food. I may have to rethink that decision if she continues to lose weight. She can only eat so much food in one sitting.  Happi doesn't need to gain too much. Maybe a pound. She needs to stay slim and trim. Three-legged dogs need to be model-thin.

Then I called a pet sitter. We are going to go on vacation some time in the future and I want to have a pet sitter lined up. The woman was very nice and came recommended. She used to work at our vets office and remembers Happi. She wants to come over and meet the dogs before she commits.  It would be good to have a person I trust watching them.

Then I took them both for a walk. It is hard this time of the year. Happi wants to stop at each Christmas tree at the curb waiting for composting. She loves to sniff, sniff, sniff the trees. It will take forever to go around the block. I have to keep saying "look another tree Happi" to keep her moving.

That was my dog day.

Until tomorrow...

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