Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I have these two drawers.  One smaller drawer has my medicine in it and another bigger drawer has lotions and stuff in it.  I realized at some point that I should have swapped the drawers.

When did my the number of medicines in my bathroom drawer out number the amount of lotions and potions?  When did the number of medicines take up so much space in my kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers that I have little room for other items?  Between sharps containers, bottles of medicine, and bottles and bottles of pills I have very little room for anything else.

I wish I could do something useful with all those pill bottles.  Every month I recycle at least 7-9 bottles.  Talk about waste!  Too bad we can't bring the bottles in for refill.

I just remember that those pill bottles make me have a normal life.  Where would I be without those bottles?

Until tomorrow...

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