Saturday, February 1, 2014


I would pay a lot of money for a miracle cure for a migraine. Sometimes I get these migraines where I take the medicine and the migraine goes away (or seems to go away) but then it comes back hours later. Like a cruel joke. I just start to feel normal again and then WHAM. Back it comes. 

Today was one of those days my migraine started yesterday. It broke sometime early this morning like around 4am. Which meant not much sleep. Then it came back around noon. I took the medicine and tried to pull myself together.  It got a bit better but then it got worse. Such a crappy day. I ended up watching three episodes of My 600 Lb Life. Why? I don't know. It is kind of like the day I watched a whole afternoon of Snapped episodes.  I was mesmerized. 

Until tomorrow...

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