Monday, January 27, 2014


I called the doctor's office this morning and they insisted I come in the office immediately.  Something about not being able to breathe made them nervous, I guess.  I rushed over without even taking a shower.

I self diagnosed myself again!  Yes, I have oral thrush.  Oral thrush is a yeast infection in your mouth!  Doesn't that sound wonderful!  I guess all the soy yogurt I have been eating isn't doing the trick. 

I am also having an asthmatic reaction.  Reaction to what?  To being on antibiotics since November, to being sick, to coughing.  Who knows.  Anyway my latent asthma has woken up and that is why I can't breathe. 

This is all complicated because normally I would be given an inhaler and asthma, gone.  But with thrush I can't use any oral inhalers.  So I have to be given the one pill form for asthma.   I can't take the cure for the thrush because I still have like 10 days of antibiotics and the thrush will just return.  Looks like I will have to wait out the thrush and when I get off the antibiotics it should go away or I will take the cure at that time.  What a Catch 22! 

It is never easy, is it!  As a friend says, if there is a weird thing out there, I will get it!  And most likely, I will get them all at the same time.

Until tomorrow...

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