Sunday, January 26, 2014


So how important is breathing?  Mt partner Brenda has adult onset asthma and we always joke that breathing is fairly important. She found out how important it was when she had her first asthma attack and had to rushed to the hospital.  

I found out how important it was a couple of times: when I had pneumonia twice and when I had methotrexate lung.  Not being able to breath sucks. 

Starting yesterday I noticed I was getting out of breath going up the stairs. I was also coughing like crazy. Today I am not coughing very much but my chest feels like I have a band around it and I am out of breath.  The question is, is it the doxycycline or is it something else like pneumonia? 

Tomorrow I will call the doc if it doesn't get better.  Breathing is pretty important.

Until tomorrow...

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