Thursday, January 9, 2014


Things that bug me:

1. cars that follow too close on the freeway. Okay, on any road.  If I can see your eyes and the color of your hair, you are TOO CLOSE!  I had a woman today who was too close when we were going 60 on the freeway.  I slowed down slowly.  Then I went back up to the speed thinking she would get the hint.  No.  I think it is so dangerous.  So I just slowed down and she went around me and tailed someone else.  Ergh...

2. cars who think they are compact cars.  You know how some parking lots have compact parking spots?  I park at one of my clients and there are a bunch of compact spots.  There are all these cars that park in them.  SUVs, trucks, sedans.  Cars that are not compact cars.  It drives me crazy.  They spill over into the spots on either side.  Like big fat cars that don't fit in their skinny jeans.

3. people who fill their water bottle and touch the mouth piece on the nozzle of the water spigot.  I don't want your spit and your germs in my water when I fill it after you.  Ew....

4. we have a movie theater that has the chairs that you can lean back in.  I can't stand when the person in front of you puts their feet up on the chair in front of them and pushes back on their seat.  Next thing you know their head is in your lap.  Just like being in an airplane!  I had someone do that last week when I went to the movies.  I was shocked considering her father was sitting two seats down.  I finally put my leg in a way that every time she pushed back she went into my leg and could not go back any further.  She finally stopped.   

I am feeling better each day.  The medicine must be working.

Until tomorrow...

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