Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Day 162.  My fish tank has algae.  I went to the fish store to get a Chinese Algae Eater and came home with two snails.  The fish guy said the algae eater may grow too big.  The snails are so cute.  Hopefully they will do their job and eat the algae. 

I also changed the water and I bought some new filters that pick up in a few days.  I think the fish will be fine.  I have never had a fish tank before and I don't know what I am doing.  My brother had a fish tank growing up but I never did.  I had fish bowls with beta fish.  I am more of a dog/bird person.

I need to get moving on my happiness project for this month.  I am thinking of going to a museum on President's Day.  I have not played a board game in years.  I have been riding my stationary bike.

Training: nothing today except walking the dogs.  :(

Until tomorrow...

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