Monday, February 8, 2016


Day 161.  School Reunions.  Have you been to your school reunion?  High school, college?  I have not been to a school reunion.

Funny story.  Many years ago I was told through an acquaintance that someone started a rumor that I died so my high school class thinks I am dead.  I have often thought I should show up at my high school reunion and shock them all.  Morbid humor.  I also think this is a funny story because for many years my brother lived in the area and anyone could have asked him.  It is not a big town.  My brother is three years younger than me and a lot of kids in my class had younger siblings in his class.

I found some photos of an old reunion of my class and I saw some names I recognized.  I only recognized one person.  Sad.

Training: I rode 10 miles on the stationary bike today.

Until tomorrow...

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