Saturday, February 13, 2016


Day 166.  Anniversaries. Back in the day we all had paper calendars and it was a year to year decision whether to bring forward an anniversary or a birthday. Now we have computerized electronic calendars that automatically bring forward birthdays and anniversaries because we put them on repeat.

But what happens when someone passes away or you no longer work at that job or that relationship ends? What do you do with that anniversary? Do you stop it? What do you do when you get that message: "do you want to delete it moving forward?" "Do you want to delete just this one?" "Do you want to delete all?" 

I feel like "deleting all" is like erasing history. Like it never happened. So unless it is something like a meeting that was canceled, I never use it.

Other things I delete moving forward.  Like a work anniversary or a group meeting that I no longer belong to. 

Sometimes I keep an anniversary. Like my bird Baby's birthday. He passed away and I like to remember him so I keep his birthday on my calendar.  I like to think about him on his birthday and without that reminder I would never remember his birthday.

Tonight I went to see "How to be Single".  It was very funny.  Maybe it was funnier because I am single, I don't know.  It did not entice me to want to start dating that is for sure!  It was a pleasant way to spend Valentine's Day Weekend!  Now I am about to watch another movie at home to finish off the day. 

Until tomorrow...

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