Friday, February 26, 2016


Day 179.  The pain was horrible today.  I had to turn off my phone to get some sleep.  The doctors decided that another procedure needed to happen.

Caution this is a description of a medical procedure. If you are queasy.  Please skip the next paragraph.

The newest theory is that when the doctor did the spinal tap, she made a puncture through the sack around the spinal column on the way to get the spinal fluid.  Sometimes that hole does not seal up after the procedure.  When that occurs the spinal fluid leaks out and that causes tremendous pain.  To fix this the doctor will take 2 ccs of my own blood and insert it in the sack around the sack around the spinal column much like an epidural.  This will seal up the hole made by the spinal tap.  My procedure was a bit more chaotic than this because the nurses could not get the 2 ccs of blood out of my IV and the anesthesiologist had already inserted the needle in my back.  He ended up taking the needle out of my back, taking the blood out of my IV himself, reinserting the needle and putting the blood into my back.  It didn't really hurt other than the shots to numb my back.  Basically it sounded worse than it felt.

Within 2 hours I felt better.  I thought they were going to send me home.  I contacted my friend to pick me up.   H was already at the hospital and I had texted everyone when we decided I needed to stay in the hospital one more night.  My back was still hurting and I felt not right.

So I stayed one more night.

Until tomorrow...

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