Friday, February 19, 2016


Day 172.  Today was day two of the Indigo Girls concerts with H and P.  I am such a fan I went to both concerts.  This concert was better.  The first night they played too many obscure slower songs.  Tonight they played more upbeat songs.  The concert goers were an older crowd.  The group in front of us had to 60-70 years old where last night the folks in front of us were 30-45 years old.  The older group was getting high which made me laugh.

We were once again in the front of the stage.  There were also some of the same folks there.  Some how it got around that I scared off a drunk girl the night before and people were talking about it.  I was embarrassed but do you think this stopped me?  No.  During the opening act there was a group of girls (yes I am going to call them girls because they were 25 - 30 years old) who talked through the entire opening act who once again was a one person folk singer.  Toward the end of the opening act, I leaned over and said to the loudest girl, "I paid to hear the singer and all I can hear is you talking.  Can you please stop?"  Well, I guess she took offense.  Her posse had it in for me from that point on.  I had to go to the bathroom and another woman was going so I tagged along with her.  On the way back, I guess she pushed through their posse and upset them.  I suddenly had one of them leaning (and I mean full on leaning) on my back.  I gave a slight push and she leaned again.  I pushed again and she came back.  I turned around and asked her to stop.  She told me that I was rude and didn't apologize when I returned from the bathroom and moved them from the spot.  I told them I had been in that spot since 8 pm.  As you can probably see how it went on.  Finally my friend H switched spaces with me.  H is about 6'4" and a cuddly bear.  They backed down from him plus now they could not see.

This show was more crowded.  Later in the show during half time, these two girls pushed their was behind us saying they were going to the other side to see their friends but they stopped behind us.  The whole crowd told them to move along.  The one girl said "why do I have to move along?  I don't have to move along if I don't want to.  I am here now."  Oh, she didn't know who she was dealing with.  I told her to move along now.  I leaned way back and she said she wasn't moving.  I said oh, yes you are and my friend H said "you didn't see what she last night, I think you should move."  I pushed her one more time and the crowd was yelling for her to move along.  She then moved.  That is the way to do it.  Although I am a bit embarrassed about the whole thing.  I am supposed to resolved these things calmly.

The music was awesome!!!

Until tomorrow...

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