Friday, February 5, 2016


Day 158.  Today the cable company came and told me that the cherry picker came to fix my cable days ago.  Obviously that didn't work since my TV is still flickering.  Today the guy hooked up the booster and swapped out a cable box and left.  The cable is still flickering.  What a bust.

Tonight I went to a sing-a-long movie.  It was so much fun.  We were given goody bags with a cardboard crown, bubbles, light up sticks, and those poppers where you pull the string and it makes a loud pop and stuff comes out.  The audience was instructed to yell at the movie.  If the bad character showed up we yelled "meanie".  If the wolf roared, we roared back.  When they went into the scary forest, we made scary forest noises.  It was fun.  Of course we sang all the songs following the words along the screen.  It was a mix of adults and kids.  Some folks dressed up like characters in the movie. I did not.

I had a very good time and I was glad I went.  I have wanted to go to a sing-a-long movie for a long time. 

Training: 9 miles on the stationary bike today.

Until tomorrow...

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