Saturday, February 27, 2016


Day 180.  This morning I woke up with a black eye.  The area under my eye is black and blue like someone punched me or I walked into a door.  The doctor's are a bit nervous and started testing.  First they took blood.  Lots of blood.  Then they sent me for another CT scan.  Yes, I have a brain.

After two hours a doctor showed up and she told me I was being discharged.  I asked her what was up with my eye.  She said all the tests were normal and I could go home.  The eye was probably blood leakage from yesterday's procedure.

I called my friend H who dropped everything to come get me.  He brought his friend P and they helped me get my stuff ready and get home.  They were so sweet to help me drop off the prescription for the pain meds.  Then I finally got home.

Lucky and Happi went crazy!  Lucky would not leave my side all night.  Stuck to me like glue.  My neighbor R came and walked them as he had been doing all week.  The nicest neighbors to take care of my pets for a week!!

My neighbor B went to the pharmacy to get my pain medicine for me.  That was very nice.  

I ordered some take out and laid down to rest.  I got a million phone calls and texts checking in.

I was finally home.

Until tomorrow...

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