Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Day 169.  I love my Food Saver.  It makes me happy.  I wanted to own one for years and people kept talking me out of it.  I finally bought a Food Saver a few months ago and I have found true love. 

I use my food saver many times a week.  Not only do I freeze things like soup, tomato sauce but I also seal up vegan hot dogs.  I can't eat a lot by myself so I love that I can seal things up and freeze them or just seal them so they don't go bad.  I used my Food Saver to seal a bottle that I packed in my suitcase that I took on a flight.  I figure if it leaked or broke the thick plastic may keep it from getting all over my clothes.  I even went to Costco and bought a bunch of bags and roll of plastic I can use to make my own bags.  Sometimes I like the pre-made bags and sometimes I use the roll to make my own size bags.

Until tomorrow...

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