Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Day 177.  Still in the hospital today.  Do I feel better?  No.  How do I feel on a scale 1-10?  That is the question I get asked every time the nurse or doctor comes in my room with their masked faces and gloved hands.  20 - 30 times a day.  I finally figure out that if I say 7 or 8 I get more pain medication than if I say 4 or 5.  Do I want Norco or Morphine?  You are asking me?  Morphine of course.  Who cares if I makes me feel upset to my stomach?  Knock me out and make this pain go away!

I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of concern from family and friends.  I had no idea so many people cared.  I used to say that if I died I would be surprised if 10 people showed up.  No longer feel that way.  My clients are texting me daily to see how I am not to pressure me to work.  My family members are offering to fly out.  My friends are asking how they can help.  My friend H came to visit and put on the mask and gloves.  I could only have him stay for 15 min before I fell asleep.

I can't eat.  I order food and then can't eat it.  I just take a few bites.

Until tomorrow...

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