Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Day 22.  Today was such a disaster.  You know I had the raccoon attack the pond.  They tore up the greenery in the pond.  Ate a few fish.  I thought that was the worst that would happen.  I added some fresh water.  Now I realize that only postponed the horrible thing that happened.

What I found out later in the day is that when the raccoons tore up the pond, they stirred up the bottom.  When they stirred up the bottom, they stirred up the gases that are on the bottom of the pond.  Those gases will such up all the oxygen and the fish will be suffocate.  That is exactly what happened.

I came out today and there were a bunch of fish floating on the surface.  A few were still breathing a tiny bit.  One was still fully alive.  I grabbed him and threw him in a bucket.  I called the pet store and asked the owner if he knew what was going on.  He didn't.  I was worried that there was some weird bacteria.  Then I Googled it.  That is when I learned about the bottom of the pond containing some much goop and crap that is caused some gasses that can kill the fish.

I saw one fish that was still alive but barely.  I grabbed him and put him in a bucket and 15 minutes later he was back to his original color and breathing normally.

Until tomorrow...

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