Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Today is day eight of the Happiness Project. Almost home and the closer I get the more I am thinking about how things will be different.  How I want to rearrange the house.  How I want to do things differently.  It all seems to easy in my head.  It is just so much harder in real life. 

On a side note I heard this weekend that my very young niece has a very serious eye problem that has required her to be hospitalized and all sorts of specialists to be called in.  Folks have been asked not to call and my sister-in-law is posting information on her blog so she doesn't have to keep repeating stuff.  I am respecting their wishes and send them my thoughts.

Joy at the Rogue River.
Lunch at a Rest Stop.
The Peerless Inn in Ashland.
Ring shopping in Ashland. Joy bought a beautiful Oregon Sunstone.
Best Vegan Milkshake!!
Joy is enjoying another vegan burger. 
Until tomorrow...

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