Sunday, September 20, 2015


Day 20.  I pulled out some clothes to see if any of them fit.  It was a bunch of skirts and sundresses.  I don't know why I keep them.  I never wear skirts or sundresses.  But I guess you never know.  So I keep the ones that fit.  I am getting rid of the rest.  I am also getting rid of some slacks.  There is a pile of clothes to donate.

I am still in a quandary about what to wear to this wedding.  I am not sure what the weather will be like and I kind of want to wear slacks.  But I don't have any that are appropriate.  I could go shopping.

I then emptied some water from the pond to see if I can get rid of the smelly water.  I filled it with fresh water.  I can't imagine what my water bill will be.  Ugh!

Until tomorrow...

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