Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Day Fifteen.
Today was not very productive.  I don't know what I have or what I ate but my stomach has been upset for days now.  Today I had an ankle doc appointment and I could barely eat before I went.  The doc has decided I should try shoes where my heel is lower than my foot.  Like earth shoes or Birkenstocks.  I am not thrilled about this because those shoes are not very stylish.  I am crunchy but not that crunchy.

I did make some outstanding phone calls and tried to set up some appointments.  I found out moving my office to the back room may take longer than anticipated.  Getting the internet and phone moved will take longer than I thought.  I can't have an office without a phone and internet.

Today I spent the whole day thinking it was Wednesday.  It is Tuesday.  I even emailed a client asking for something stating a deadline that is tomorrow but I said it was today.  Then I texted a friend apologizing for forgetting a date today that is tomorrow.  I may be too tired.  I may be too busy.  It may be a vacation hangover.

Until tomorrow...

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